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We are a community of American Veterans, Allied, forces and entertainers. We have also staff and VIPs around the world! We are a diverse group of Veterans, family, friends, and entertainers. 

If you have any question about the sim or about the special groups please, contact Sharon (Sharon Twist) secondlife:///app/agent/e62d72ca-f87a-4d9c-8660-1c73318cb74e/about (Inworld/SL) - Thank you.

Veterans Network is a diverse group of Veterans, family, friends, and entertainers from all over the worlds. Group members share information and fellowship and some provide entertainment while others offer other special skills and services. All group members have some land rights and full SIM access with the exception of private skyboxes.

NYC Vets - All members of this group are verified U.S. Veterans and known to Sharon Twist in real life.

Michael Jackson Stage Group - Network with other MJ fans and groups who are providing entertainment, fellowship and remembering Michael.

P.s. See the pictures for more information or contact us. Thank you. 

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